how to tell if a man is bisexual

In today’s changing views on sexuality, bisexuality can still cause confusion or discomfort for some people. Identifying bisexuality in men can be complex and multi-layered.
Despite common misunderstandings, bisexuality isn’t always apparent through outward signs a guy is bisexual or behaves.
Instead, it requires a deeper understanding of individual experiences, attractions, and self-identity.
At Premier Mental Health, we specialize in supporting individuals who are bisexual and those who have experienced sexual abuse.
Our goal is to help everyone understand and accept different sexual identities without assuming.
One common question that arises is, “How to tell if a man is bisexual?”

Below, we will explore these behaviors and characteristics to understand male bisexuality better.

What is Male Bisexuality?

Male bisexuality refers to individuals who are attracted to both genders. It’s important to understand that sexual orientation varies, and bisexuality is a valid part of that spectrum.

Characteristics of a Bisexual Man

Characteristics of a bisexual man can vary widely, as sexuality is a complex and individual aspect of identity.
However, some common characteristics may include being open-minded about attraction to people of various genders and being comfortable with fluidity in sexual expression.
Also, being attracted to individuals regardless of gender identity is another characteristic. These characteristics conclusively are not definitive signs of bisexuality, as sexuality is diverse.

How to Tell If a Man is Bisexual?

How to Tell If a Man is Bisexual

How can you tell if a man is bisexual? Understanding someone’s sexuality, like bisexuality, isn’t always straightforward.
People are unique and influenced by their experiences and culture.
But sometimes, if you notice a few specific behaviors, it may suggest that a guy is bisexual. Let’s talk about some of those behaviors.

Male Bisexuality Signs

  • He Flirts or Acts Very Close with Other Guys

If a man engages in flirtatious behavior or becomes excessively friendly with men he finds attractive, it could be a sign of bisexuality.
It may occur whether he is openly out or still keeping his sexuality private.

  • Frequently Touches Other Men 

Does your partner often touch and hang around with other men in a way that feels too close? We’re not talking about regular friendly hugs or playful behavior.
But if they seem overly drawn to being physically close to other guys, it could mean they’re bisexual.

  • Perceptions About Other Guys

Fantasizing about other men is a common sign of bisexuality in men. If your partner fantasizes about other guys, he may be bisexual and open to exploring this part of himself.

  • Homophobic Behavior

In many cultures, people still have strong beliefs about what’s considered “normal” when it comes to sexuality. Straight is the norm, and those who don’t fit may face teasing or unfair treatment.
Because of this, some people who are attracted to more than one gender may hide their feelings to avoid standing out.
To avoid this, some bisexual, homosexual, and pansexual people hide their true feelings and may even act homophobic to fit in.

  • Inclusivity in Language 

Bisexual men often use inclusive language when talking about attraction. They acknowledge being attracted to people of various genders, not just men or women.

  • Participation in LGBTQ+ Communities

Many sources suggest that having LGBTQ+ friends could indicate that your partner is bisexual. However, we disagree with this notion.
It’s common for people of different orientations to be friends now, and not having bi, pan, or gay friends is seen as unusual.
Yet, if your partner’s LGBTQ+ friends seem guarded about his actions, they may be concealing his sexuality.

What Should You Do if You Notice Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Bisexual?

If you notice signs that your boyfriend may be bisexual, it’s essential to approach the situation with openness and respect. Here are some steps you can consider:

1.Clarify Your Desires

Assess your feelings about being with a bisexual partner. Are you okay with it? Take some time to reflect on your stance. It’s perfectly acceptable to have preferences in your partners.

2.Engage in a Conversation

Suppose you suspect that your partner might be concealing aspects of their sexuality. It’s essential to have an open dialogue about it. Be direct with your questions, indirectness can confuse and hinder progress. If they disclose being bisexual or pansexual, assess their comfort level with this revelation.

3.Listen Actively

Allow your boyfriend to express himself without interruption. Listen attentively to what he says and try to understand his perspective. Respect his feelings and experiences, even if they differ from your own.

4.Discussion with Supportive Circle

Talk to accepting friends and family about the situation regarding your partner’s sexuality. Please explain what you’ve observed and ask for their perspectives. Have they noticed anything similar? Has your boyfriend mentioned anything concerning or noteworthy to them?

Recognizing Bisexual Clothing

Stereotypes surrounding bisexual clothing styles can vary.
Individuals may express their bisexuality through fashion choices such as incorporating both traditionally masculine and feminine elements or wearing pride symbols discreetly.

Understanding Bi-Curiosity

Bi-Curiosity is a sign that someone may be interested in exploring their attraction to both genders.

Bi-Curious Signs

These signs can include things like being curious about LGBTQ+ topics, asking questions about same-sex relationships, or showing interest in experimenting with same-sex experiences.
These signs don’t always mean someone is bisexual, but they may be open to exploring their feelings more.

How to Tell If a Guy is Bi or Gay?

How to Tell If a Man Is Bisexual

Determining someone’s sexual orientation can be challenging and ultimately relies on their self-identification.
There isn’t a foolproof method to discern if a guy is bisexual or gay without directly asking them or having them disclose it themselves.
Often, it’s best to respect their privacy and let them share when they feel comfortable. Stereotypes and assumptions about behavior or interests aren’t reliable indicators of sexual orientation.
The best approach is to create a safe space for authentic self-expression.

To Sum Up How to Tell If a Man Is Bisexual?

Understanding if a man is bisexual requires us to be sensitive, open-minded, and avoid stereotypes.
Sexual orientation is complex and personal, shaped by our own experiences and feelings. Some behaviors may hint at bisexuality, but they’re not sure signs, and assuming can be harmful.
It’s essential to create a safe space where people can talk openly about who they are.
Respecting people’s privacy and letting them decide who they are makes society better for everyone.

At Premier Mental Health Healing Pathways, we’re here to help if you’re bisexual, a survivor of sexual abuse, or both. Our team specializes in supporting individuals facing these challenges.

We offer care, understanding, and hope as you discover your journey towards healing. Contact us for further information about our services and support.


  Do girls like bi guys?

Some girls do, while others may not. It varies based on individual preferences and attitudes towards bisexuality.

How can I identify signs that my husband is bisexual?

Notice if your husband seems attracted to both men and women and if he’s interested in LGBTQ+ matters. Talk openly with him to understand his feelings better.

Are there specific clothing styles associated with bisexuality?

No, there are no specific clothing styles associated with bisexuality. Fashion choices are personal and diverse, reflecting individual preferences, not sexual orientation.

Is bisexuality different from pansexuality?

Yes, bisexuality and pansexuality are distinct. Bisexuality involves attraction to multiple genders, and pansexuality includes attraction regardless of gender.

How can I support my bisexual partner?

Support through open communication, validation of identity, and creating a safe space for exploration.

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